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Postby PaleHorseman » Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:10 am

Application Form

Section 1 : General information:
1. Please list all characters on your account(s) and provide links to both eveboards and killboards. (please use zkill links)
pw: poop
Have alts, will sent info in mail

2. How old are you?

3. What country do you live in and what languages do you speak?
USA, English

4. What is your preferred timezone to fly in?

5. When will you most likely be available for an interview?
Nights, weekends

Section 2: About you

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself, and tell us why you want to join MAMBA

One of my favorite times in eve was the short time i was in BL b4 it was no scoped by the former CEO.
Stayed with the Corp after but was put off by being in GS plus real life crap and slowly just stopped logging in.
Joined Horde to move assets trapped in P-2, I never imaged getting my stuff outta of 0.0 would be so easy.
Wanna play eve again with some friends that have now joined MAMBA.

2. Have you ever commandeered (taken over) a fleet (like if an FC was head-shotted) and if so what happened. If not, why?
Not reacely enought to matter, I to easly get tunnel vision.

3. Have you ever done something in a battle that has radically impacted its outcome; for better or for worse?
Drugs, both.

4. Tell us about a time you made a fatal error in EVE and what steps you took to learn from it
I was repping a pos with a carrier in lowsec(support fleet severely lacking). I had moved it to within 50m of the POS shield thinking
i could easily drift into the shield if hot dropped.
When a drop finally came i clicked approach thinking all would be fine, however i forgot to set my speed back to full so when i
clicked approach my speed was still set to the 7ms i used to get close to the shield.
Lets just say i didnt make it back into the pos shield.

5. Do you have a separate account with any capital ships or super capital ships, or the potential to fly one immediately?
Have an Aposlts plan to acquire other caps as i become more active. Have other 2 toons that can fly caps, can field up to 3 caps
simultaneously, Nid, Nag, Rev, archon, chim. .

6. Please read the situation below carefully and describe how you would choose to handle it.

You've been informed that nine jumps out of our deployment system is an enemy Mach gang with approximately thirty Machs supported by logistics.. and to add to it they have entosis links on a couple of ships. You ping and cajole 30 or so members of MAMBA and The_Culture in anticipation of a good fight. Describe the steps you would take to organize your fleet and beat the enemy gang and stop them from trolling your space.

(This can include everything from fittings to tactics. You aren't being judged on your ability to lead imaginary fleets, but on your ability to demonstrate clear and coherent thinking.)

Scout them to determine if they are long or short range, assuming long rang i was try to drop rattle snakes on them.
The machs could be bait for a larger fleet and could in turn be out baited if numbers were available to do so.
Will likely die whatever the case but hopefully will have a fun in the process

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Re: Application

Postby gho higyidr » Wed Sep 13, 2017 8:21 am

Shoot me information in a mail. :) And who were your friends here in MAMBA?

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